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          Kingsmills Kensei Kai

Iaido & Weapons Classes

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Welcome to Kingsmills Kensei Kai Dojo - The Most Northern Kensei Kai Affiliated Dojo in the UK with Dan Grade Ranked Instructors in Iaido.  We are a non-political martial arts group, who openly welcome students and instructors of other styles to study the Techniques, Principles and Katas from the Traditional Japanese Sword Arts,Knife, Stick and other Kobodo Weapons*

The Kingsmills Kensei Kai Dojo is linked to the following organisations:


                 Kensei Kai                                                        Go-Ri-Ho-chi-Shin           

   We are Members of the 


    Scottish Fighting Arts Society

      And are recognised as an official Kensei Kai Dojo by the late Okimitsu Fujii Sensei